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Sundent Red Gel Toothpaste

Red Gel Toothpaste: Ensuring natural freshness and excellent oral hygiene in the mouth, Red Gel Toothpaste is a cosmetic toothpaste with a natural flavour and it's formulation includes high quality ingredients such as Silica, Sorbitol, SLS and has a minty flavour to it. This toothpaste gel can be used in everyday life as a regular toothpaste, offering teeth whitening properties that assists in giving a shine to the teeth. As the name denotes, it is a transparent gel and contains especially constituted oils that ensure It's optimum effectiveness and freshness 

    Unique Benefits: 
  • It provides long lasting protection to teeth as it is effective against cavities.
  • The micro-silicon particles of the gel make teeth look shinier as well as healthier.
  • The brand has a unique flavour and the oils present in the toothpaste helps in keeping the breath fresh for a long time.   
  • Consisting of Lavang, Sat Pudina and other Ayurvedic ingredients, that aids in the prevention of all sort of dental problems.
  • Offering great freshness and optimum dental care results, this sparkling transparent red gel toothpaste is just perfect for dental care of all ages.