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Hair Cream Gel

ZYX: A Unique product whose formulation fulfills the required nourishment of the hair roots embedded in the scalp. It contains 100% natural active ingredients and is a must use natural product for all as today's modern shampoos, dyes and soaps weaken the hair which are mostly chemical laden.

ZYX Hair Care product is a perfect solution for one to have beautiful and strong crowning glory- your hair. The end product is a unique combination of cream and gel, that assists in one having smooth and healthy hair.The product has been developed to have a flowing attribute which is non-sticky and has the softness of a cream. It gives a shiny finish and firmly holds the root tips, minus the oily or sticky feel.

ZYZ Herbal Hair Cream contains specially formulated, research based ingredients that facilitates the management of generic conditions like hair fall, dandruff, graying and other intensive issues like germ infestation or complicated trichology problems caused by physiological imbalances.  

    Uniqueness of ZYX Hair Cream Gel:
  • It works in hair roots like a fertiliser in agriculture and is applied to wet hair using finger tips in a way that the cream gel massages the hair roots.
  • Contains 9 herbs that have the ability to penetrate deep into the hair roots and fight common prevalent problems of hair fall and dandruff.