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Medicated Toothpaste

Medicadent is made using a premier triple combination of Potassium Nitrate + Triclosan + Fluoride; making it a premium Pharma product from the house of Dr Jaikaran. The formulation is result oriented  and represented in Red Gel Medicated Toothpaste Category. Medicadent is known for its high quality and its more acceptable due to its pleasant taste  

    Uniqueness of Medicadent: 
  • It has a refreshing taste that leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh with a pleasant and superb tingling sensation.
  • It also prevents tooth decay, cavities and protects against enamel loss. 
  • This toothpaste is processed using a balanced formulation that reduces painful thermal sensitivity of the teeth caused due to heat, cold, acidic substances and sweets.  
  • Our customers worldwide have expressed their satisfaction over the wonderful attributes of Medicadent Toothpaste.

Advanced Mouthwash / Medicated Mouthwash