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Regular Toothpaste

Regular Herbal toothpaste is a replacement of traditional Manjans and Tooth Powders of Ayurveda. This specially designed toothpaste for the lovers of traditional Datun and Manjan has Clove Oil in it, which is an essential oil rich in Eugenol, which has strong antibacterial and analgesic properties. In Calcium Carbonate base the toothpaste also contains Tomar and Bakul bark, which are a natural astringent and strengthens teeth and gums. Regular Herbal toothpaste also contains Neem and Vaividing, which are well known antibacterial. The toothpaste attacks cavity causing bacteria, thus preventing tooth decay and cavities. It has natural flavor which keeps your mouth fresh for hours.


A toothpaste with the traditional benefits of Neem with the technical expertise for complete Oral hygiene. Neem has been used by generations over the years for protection of teeth against bacteria. Neem is widely acknowledged as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Neem Toothpaste is enriched with the natural germ-fighting properties of Neem. This unique formulation, combined with mint, ensures a clean mouth-feel and fresh breath all day long.